How it Works

Choosing the right health plan for you or your family is complicated and one of the most important financial decisions you make every year. The difference between a well-chosen plan and a poorly chosen one can be thousands of dollars in "out of wallet expense." If plan premiums were the only cost you paid, the decision would be easy. But you also pay plan deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances. And those are all influenced by doctor fees and drug costs that can be difficult to know.

We understand how this works and we've built a tool that performs an in-depth personalized analysis of your total out of wallet medical costs under the different health plans available to you in the Government Health Market.

You just answer a few questions:

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1. Where you live.
2. How many family members will be on a plan and what are their ages?
3. What kind of doctor visits you routinely have, or ought to have. For most families these are predictable and routine medical "events."
4. What prescription drugs your family uses (or ought to use).

With that information, we create a simulation of your likely primary care, specialty care and prescription drug medical expenses in the coming year and then we estimate what your actual out of wallet costs will be under each of the plans available to you in your area. We rank them from least expensive to most expensive. If you need additional help selecting or enrolling in a plan, we show you ways to get that help.

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